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The Light at the end of the tunnel.

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Even experienced trial lawyers can find that beginning an appeal is like standing at the mouth of a dark tunnel. No matter how long you stare into the darkness, you can never really know what it's like inside until you've been there. I've successfully navigated that passage, from beginning to end, many times. I explain the entire process at the outset and then lead you through it. An appeal doesn't have to be a mystery. And it isn't, when we go through it together -- all the way to the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Foremost AppellatePractice Resource For Illinois Solo & Small Firm Attorneys

My husband and I cannot thank you enough for the time, effort, and expertise you have placed in our case. We are emotionally overwhelmed and blessed by the Appellate Court ruling.

Former client, McHenry

Tim practices at a level of quality where many (including myself) feel confident referring clients to him for complex appellate issues.

Business litigation attorney, Chicago

Great Job, Tim!

Family law attorney, Crystal Lake

Thanks for all your hard work, Tim. Love to refer cases to you!

Family law attorney, Lake Bluff

Tim is outstanding in every way - thinking, writing, researching, timeliness of completing work, professional conduct, ethics, and more. I give him the top recommendation in every respect.

Estates and trusts attorney, Arlington Heights

You are my #1 go-to appellate guy.

Personal injury attorney, Chicago

Tim literally wrote the book on Illinois appeals.

Appellate attorney, Chicago

I am used to reading excellent briefs from you . . . You appear to have found every door they could possibly open and nailed them all shut before they could go through any of them. Great work!

Attorney, Arlington Heights


is the attorney other Illinois solo and small firm lawyers trust to handle appeals.

His practice includes preserving issues for appeal, assisting in developing an overall legal theory and strategy, and briefing complex motions.

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